A New Way to Approach Forgiveness


"After birthing the ideas in Lament Forgive for over eleven years and writing it over the course of four years, it's a tremendous feeling to finally share my debut book with you. It was inspired by the question of how can we talk about forgiveness as a journey or process through which the person forgiving discovers long-term healing from how they were hurt."—Steve Hall

Forgive and divorce are both translated into English from the same Greek word in the New Testament. When marriage is talked about as tying the knot, divorce becomes the process of untying that knot.

Could forgiveness be better illustrated through the separation and liberation that occurs when a knot is untangled?

Can lamenting help us name the layers of disloyalty, betrayal, or abuse that hold us captive?

Viewed in this fresh way, Steve Hall shows how God wants to partner with us to heal our painful memories of mistreatment through a cycle of lamenting and forgiving.

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