I imagine the disloyalty, betrayal, or abuse we suffer as string that wraps around our heart and becomes tied in place each time a person's sin wounds us. My assumption is, if you're asking this question then there's a vast ball of string with many knots around your heart.

Does forgiving this hurt get any easier? 

No. But eventually, yes.

Our forgiveness begins with the outer knots of this vast ball. In my experience, our focus here is typically upon the physical, black and white details of how we were hurt. This is why forgiveness fails to immediately get easier—and why it sometimes gets harder. To untangle the hidden, inner knots, we have to move beyond the specifics to recognise and forgive the long-term impact of another's sin.

The wasted years. The identity damage. The broken dreams. The invasive memories. The fact we're still dealing with it years later.

Many of the consequences to our lives and identity we will not be fully aware of until they are pointed out to us. The more we forgive the person for these, the greater the freedom we win to be our true-selves. And forgiveness gradually becomes easier.

ForgivenessSteve Hall