I am a self-confessed movie geek, table-top gaming evangelist, and wannabe hiker who has an undying love for Lego and Jelly Babies.

I laugh a lot at the antics of Brooklyn Nine-Nine detective Jake Peralta, practice my archery in Horizon: Zero Dawn, take thousands of photos I never look at again, brand my children with a love of reading, and dream about being able to sing in tune.

I spent my childhood not knowing what I wanted to do when I became an adult. I enjoyed numbers, so I took a mathematics degree and somehow graduated despite getting more wrong than I got right. Years later, writing essays for a theology degree awakened a dormant love of writing. I was surprised too.

I now run an ebook publishing business called Cookies and Oxygen Publishing while working part-time in a local supermarket to help pay the bills. In 2018 I put an end to four years of pretending to be an author by actually becoming one. My debut book is called Lament Forgive and is the second book my business has released.

My wife Carole and I have three children—the third one I delivered in our bathroom. "Occasional midwife" has forever made my CV more interesting. We live in a house on top of a hill in Glasgow, Scotland.



I unapologetically write from a nonviolent perspective in regards to both atonement theory and biblical interpretation. This means I do not believe God uses violence to save or punish. Ever. Instead, I see Jesus revealing his heavenly Father to be as nonviolent as he is. If you want to explore this way of reading the Bible further, you will find some ideas in my blog.



I would be delighted to come and speak to your church or small group community about the topics covered in Lament Forgive or how we can interpret the Bible in a nonviolent way. Please contact me if you're interested.